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The Master
16 January 2011 @ 04:51 pm

[ooc: No, the Master doesn't know this went up, YES I put it up just because it makes me laugh my flipping face off. My show is the MOST ridiculous.]
The Master
11 January 2011 @ 04:32 pm
[The Master is unaware he's being filmed, and clearly so. The videos coming from a slightly weird angle but it's enough to show that his nose is red and his lips are going a bit dry and cracked. He's on a sofa in his house, shivering and trying to sleep with a blanket pulled up to his chin and a pink throw over that. Perils of having Lucy in and decorating your house. There's a kleenex box next to him and ambient noise from the television can be heard from the background. As this is a rather boring scene, it only lasts for about a minute before shutting itself off. The text post following comes about half an hour later.]

How terribly amusing of the deities to have an epidemic of the flu. Or should it be pandemic, in a nexus? I'd suspect a culling exercise if they weren't so consistent with bringing back everybody after killing them. Could still be that, though, an attempt to prevent escape. Perhaps escapes are randomised. Are curses randomised? [Oh dear. He's getting off track, rather.] This seems directly malicious, compromising otherwise uncompromisable immune systems. Is anyone conducting research into this? I'd do it myself, only I'm so busy.
The Master
22 December 2010 @ 12:14 pm
[It's not for Christmas shopping this year that the Master is round about the City. He's just making several trips around; back and forth to where he works, for one. But mainly he's hoping to find the TARDIS while the Doctor's not in it. If he could break into the TARDIS...well. The sky's the limit as far as he's concerned and the Doctor's hardly going to let him mess around with it trying to escape otherwise.

He is doing a good job of making his searching look fairly innocuous, and a bit like Christmas shopping, though. So the effect is basically the same.]

[ooc: Mistletoe curse post, ahoy! ANYTHING GOES. And I mean it: last year, he made out with Priestly and Inara, and then became friends with them out of it. SO MAYBE HE'LL MAKE NEW FRIENDS.

Also, as for presents, omg I am so crap at working out things to give people. Especially with Mister Master Mindreader. Let's just say.....if the Master is friends with your character, and there's something they want or need that is of Christmas gift magnitude, he bought it for you. I leave you free to godmode necessary items because I had such a hellish time of trying to work things out last year.]
The Master
07 December 2010 @ 08:23 pm

[The Master sounds growly and unsettled. Because he's back to Hobo!Master for the day. Huzzah.]

This. This is not funny. I want to be back like I was. I want it right now.

[There's the sound of something firing and then the Master exhales angrily and there's the sound of the crackle and buzz of electricity and someone screaming. And then it's quiet again for a little bit, except for usual sorts of jungle sounds around him.]

It just makes everything so hard to think.

[Running footsteps, which lead into rushing wind and then there's the abrupt noise of some fairly violent leaf rustling.]

Do I have to kill everybody to get out? Is that what this is? Turning my words back on me?

[Electricity crackles again and the sound cuts out.]

[ooc: Anyone may fight him, go on. Only he's...rather good at fighting and a little animalistic right now. So if he DOES kill you, he'll probably also EAT you, but he can lose interest while fighting and he hasn't got anything yet to stand up to serious weaponry so you can definitely get him with that. He is far from invulnerable. Anyway, talk to him or fight him here, if you want.]
The Master
30 November 2010 @ 02:52 am
Calm down, all of you. Really, what's the use in working yourselves up? The City isn't that interesting. I imagine you all must need more exciting lives. Sad, really. And overall, the answer to your questions is generally "no", and don't try to be clever with double negatives. All of your theories are wrong, I can tell you that much before you waste your time.

That said, I do hope you enjoy your stay. Only think how disappointed you would be if you didn't. If you could only remember being here, that is. Ah well.

[ooc: Aaaanything goes! And just a note, if you meet him out and about (because he could be anywhere, just godmode it), he is all Saxony except for his hair, which is still bleached. JSYK.]
The Master
24 November 2010 @ 03:22 pm
I'm back. I'll be back to the flat in a little while, Lucy, if you're still here. I'm just cleaning up first. These little visits to my home universe are terribly inconvenient. With any luck, there won't be any further interruptions to my time.

[ooc: Succinct. As usual, slowatus is slow, mum keeps logging out of the desktop to keep me off it. I thought I'd best bring the poor sod back, though.]
The Master
22 October 2010 @ 06:10 pm
You're in the Wasteland and it's dark. There are piles of rubble and rubbish everywhere, casting shadows. Hills and crevices, and large discarded pieces of machinery. It stretches on forever, larger than is possible. There's no escape on foot from this Wasteland. The Wasteland is the whole world.

It is also curiously empty. No small nighttime animals. No birds. But there is the strangest feeling, all the same, that someone is watching you.

[ooc: The Wasteland is going to work a little bit like the Master's head last time, only a LOT more unhinged. He doesn't have any control over what's going on. So there's the opportunity to walk into some scene from the Master's past by walking around a corner, or climbing through some machinery, only it's a nightmarish version, and darker sections of his past. So you might walk into the Time War or into a fire. You can walk into the time the Earth was all the Master if you want it to be more your character's nightmare, I suppose. Elsewise, just wander around the Wasteland and run into Hobo!Master. Tell me what you want in a message/email/your first comment if you want something specific.
Warning: Trespassers May Be Eaten.]
The Master
07 October 2010 @ 06:00 pm
This place is just a little bit obsessed with Christianity, don't you think? Or specifically at the moment, Catholicism. Five of the seven deadly sins, following right on the tail of a flood and an ark. Catholicism, though, so concerned with doing away with any fun a person could have. Don't eat too much, don't sleep too much, and above all, don't want too much. If no-one ever wanted, society would stagnate. Humanity is built around wanting, whether the Catholics like it or not. Forget humans, the galaxy is built around wanting. Ambition drives everything.

Now, today. Clearly Pride. That being the one uniting theme throughout Christian teaching. Pride cometh before a fall. As if it were bad to have a sense of self. To know what you're good at. What good is humility, exactly? Humility allows you to be trodden on. Overconfidence, now, that is something to watch out for. But pride? Never. As for myself, I know I'm a Time Lord, I know I'm brilliant, and I know where my talents lie. I see no reason to debase myself to make others feel better. And neither should anyone else. I imagine today should be very freeing for quite a few people. I imagine this entire week is likely very freeing. My advice would be to embrace it. After all, a curse is as good as a Get Out Of Jail Free card.
The Master
19 September 2010 @ 11:42 pm
At the age of eight, I was taken to stare into the Untempered Schism, a gap in the fabric of time and space. It's part of a Time Lord initiation ceremony. Look into the Vortex. Prove you're one of us. And it went on and on, staring into eternity, looking at everything, somehow. I couldn't look away, they wouldn't let me yet, no, but I couldn't. It felt like falling while standing still. It felt like I could reach out and take hold of it, tie knots in reality. And then I heard the drums, the drums and they called me forward, and they drove me onward...

[A gasped intake of breath. And then the device is fumbled, and turned off.]
The Master
06 September 2010 @ 06:20 am
For those who knew Lucy Locke, she's gone, presumably returned home. Of course, there's no proof of that unless she returns with the memory of doing so. And memories can be faked. Nevertheless, Lucy is gone.

[ooc: Know what the best part of having a cold is? The part where you wake up every three hours. Yeah. This is a dual purpose announcement post and a place, if you so choose, to attempt to steal Lucy's dog for Cerberus. Or I suppose to slay his cat as a Nemean Lion as Masha is a freaking enormous cat. Either way, the Master just kind of wants an excuse to stun somebody.]